play-button 09:37

314 Kim Chi restraint chair challenge

Kim Chi finds out that we have a Real medical/prison restraint chair and she takes us up on our challenge of $50 to see if she can get out of it in five minutes, includes on screen gagging as Kim really tried hard to win our challenge and get out of this chair.

ball gag predicament bondage struggling bondage chair restraint chair

Featuring: Kim Chi

play-button 08:36

313 Constance armbinder ordeal

Constance is wearing a very colorful one piece racing swimsuit over this is a full body leather harness which is keeping her arms pinned behind her back nice and tight along with the leather arm binder. She’s lead down to the secret room in the basement, this is his playroom. Before long she is thrown on the bed and her ankles attached to the footboard with leg irons, he then gags her with a panel ball gag and leaves her to struggle

ball gag medical restraints armbinder bondage harness handcuffs

Featuring: Constance

play-button 13:47

312 Macy Straitjacket escape challenge

Macy Nicole gets challenged to get out of a small Posey straight jacket, Of course she could never turn down Excape challenge so before long she is strapped in good and tight. He puts on leather ankle cuffs and attaches them to the front loop of the straight jacket making it impossible for her to use her feet or runoff. He underestimated the dexterity of her toes however and she manages to undo the leather straps going around her ankles with only her toes. However no matter how much she struggles she seems to not be able to get out of this official medical straight jacket

One piece swimsuit medical restraints straitjacket struggling

Featuring: Macy Nicole

play-button 09:42

311 Rachel Adams pipe chair bikini bondage

Rachel Adams is wearing a blue pink and yellow plaid bikini, leather straps keep her in a frog tie position while she is sitting on the bondage chair. Her moans are muffled by a ball panel gag as she struggles heun ties her legs and straps them spread wide. Next he removes her bikini top and watches her breasts sway as she struggles

ball gag bikini spread eagle bondage chair

Featuring: Rachel Adams

play-button 09:28

310 Constance screwed metal bondage

Constance is wearing some shiny Dance tights and a shiny black thong One piece swimsuit. She is laying down on a piece of plywood. He uses metal straps and wood screws to keep her in place. Starting with her wrists then quickly moving to her ankles, before long she is gagged with microphone tape as he applies more and more straps this time around her waist then her neck and forehead making her completely immobile. Constance is barely able to move even an inch

shiny pantyhose shiny swimsuit struggling

Featuring: Constance

play-button 12:55

309 Macy shiny rope hogtie

Macy Nicole is wearing a super shiny gold one piece swimsuit with a red high heels. He makes quick work of tying her wrists and elbows together with rope, he then moves on to her knees. He then uses a horse metal bit gag to keep her silent before lifting her and putting her on his workbench. He then puts her in a strict hogtie and she’s left to struggle meanwhile the gag reaching deep into her throat pushing her Tongue down is making her drool uncontrollably.

rope bondage shiny swimsuit Hogtied bit gag struggling

Featuring: Macy Nicole

play-button 08:10

308 Rachel Adams tape bondage latex hood

Rachel Adams find herself naked with her hands taped above her head to the basement pole. He then wraps white electrical tape around her torso and ankles keeping her in place. He then places is a latex hood over her head and leaves her to struggle

hooded struggling tape bondage latex hood

Featuring: Rachel Adams

play-button 11:00

307 Constance mumification suspension

Constance agrees to do a model shoot and be mummified, so she’s wrapped from her ankles up to her neck in black electrical tape. She is then lifted up on a pedestal and taped to a basment pole. Before long she is gagged and her pedestal removed leaving her dangling mummified and suspended off the floor while he goes to have lunch leaving her to struggle

tape gag mummification struggling mummified tape bondage

Featuring: Constance

play-button 22:32

306 Macy restraint chair challenge

Macy Nicole makes a bet with me that within 10 minutes she can get out of my new restraint chair. If she wins she gets $500 but if I win and she can’t get out then I get to torment her with a secret surprise. I walk her into the room wearing a pink and black one piece swimsuit, her hands are handcuffed in front of her with a waist belt she is sat down in the chair and carefully strapped in. once I secure her waist and ankles I tell her she can start trying to get out while I’m still straping her in. Little does she know she’s fighting a losing battle and before long she is fully strapped into the chair and it’s unforgiving wide locking straps. Once the 10 minutes are up she’s slowly begins to realize she made a grave mistake. Her hands are wrapped in electrical tape making her fingers useless, then she has stripped of her swimsuit and gagged. I then place nipple clamps on her and attach them to the workbench so she can’t wander off. Hmmmmmmmmmmhow long will she be left there to struggle

medical restraints tape gag nipple clamps taped hands struggling tape bondage bondage chair restraint chair

Featuring: Macy Nicole

play-button 08:30

305 Rachel Adams Straitjacket bondage

Rachel Adams is wearing super shiny navy blue footed tights and a tight fitting small Posey straight jacket with matching white 2 inch ball gag. He tosses her to the bed quickly putting her ankles in medical restraint cuffs ensuring she can’t wander off. The more she struggles the more the crotch strap from the straight jacket digs into her sensitive bits

ball gag shiny pantyhose medical restraints straitjacket struggling

Featuring: Rachel Adams

play-button 08:28

304 Constance medical restraint bondage

Constance struggles as she is strapped down to a bed with medical restraints, first he starts on her wrists locking them in place then quickly moving to her ankles. Eventually he adds a strap across her chest to keep her from sitting up and trying to remove her restraints. She’s wearing a super shiny red one piece swimsuit and gagged with a ball panel gag.

ball gag medical restraints shiny swimsuit struggling

Featuring: Constance

play-button 10:02

303 Macy Leohex one piece medical bondage

Macy Nicole is wearing a shiny and super silky one piece Leohex swimsuit, he starts with her wrists strapping her down to the table with medical cuffs. He then proceeds to her ankles and before long he applies a tape gag with 3 inch wide microphone tape wrapping it around her mouth several times. Macy tries her hardest But she has no match for the medical restraints.

medical restraints tape gag struggling

Featuring: Macy Nicole

play-button 20:53

302 Rachel Adams & Jess Jordan lifeguard bondage

Jess Jordan is the lifeguard training instructor and Rachel Adams shows up for her training session with the spine board and medical restraints. Jess does an excellent job showing Rachel firsthand how to strap somebody down to the spine board starting at her ankles and working her way up slowly strapping every inch of her body down to the board. It’s not long before Rachel has both wrists thighs knees and ankles securely strapped to the board. It’s about this time when she gets a little claustrophobic not to worry just secures her head and shoulders before applying a nice tape gag to silence her. Then Jess informs Rachel she won’t be getting out anytime soon. Jess applies a medical mask to put Rachel out in slumber land.

medical restraints lifeguard struggling tape bondage

Featuring: Rachel Adams, Jess Jordan

play-button 06:23

301 Rachel Adams bikini predicament

Rachel Adams has found herself in quite the predicament bondage this time. She’s wearing a colorful blue and purple bikini, she’s kneeling on the bed with her ankles attached to each corner her hands are tied together with the rope. He Tayser rope around her neck and then takes that rope and ties it off to the foot of the bed which makes her bend over in the doggy style position. He then takes another rope and attaches it from her wrists to the headboard this creates a very unique predicament for Rachel. Soon her have muscles and thigh muscles give out and she has no choice but to keep up a very uncomfortable position. Before long he returns and shows a big white ball gag into her mouth silencing her whimpers.

rope bondage ball gag armbinder predicament bondage

Featuring: Rachel Adams

play-button 10:38

300 Constance Hooters girl Straitjacket

Constance is captured after her shift as a Hooters girl waitress she’s handcuffed and taken to the basement where she is put into a real Posey medical restraint straight jacket. After strapping up most of the buckles on the straight jacket he then pulls down her Hooters girl uniform shirts and shiny pantyhose , he pulls the crotch strap of the straight jacket extra tight so it digs in nice and deep into her pussy . The straight jacket is attached to a chain hanging from the ceiling and sharing she doesn’t wander away then a spreader bar is attached to her ankles with medical cuffs. Watch as she struggles to free herself.

medical restraints straitjacket spreader bar struggling

Featuring: Constance

play-button 00:29

299 Constance the new chair

Constance Gets to be the first one to try out the new bondage chair, it has lots of attachment points to keep the salve girl restrained including poles to keep her legs spread wide for easy access. She is bound and gagged wearing a pink and black one piece swimsuit. Constance has her neck collar secured to the chair first to ensure she cant wander off. Then she is handcuffed and her legs are restrained with medical restraints .Then she finds out her gag is inflatable and finds out just how big it can get and how far it can invade her mouth and throat with every pump. Watch as she struggles against her swimsuit bondage.

One piece swimsuit medical restraints inflatable gag handcuffs spread eagle handcuffed blindfold bondage chair

Featuring: Constance

play-button 13:05

298 Rachel Adams workout bondage

Rachel is all dressed and ready for her aerobics work out wearing a super tight fitting ultra shiny unitard with a thong shiny black leotard over it . Before long she is in an inversion table with her wrists and ankles securely shackled in place, watch as she struggles in her spandex bondage to free herself

leotard shiny swimsuit thong leotard spandex struggling

Featuring: Rachel Adams

play-button 11:22

297 Fayth gas mask challenge

Fayth is wearing a red Baywatch one piece lifeguard swimsuit and shiny tights. She is challenged with escaping handcuffs and a waist belt, the waist belt is a key part of this challenge. It prevents her from moving her hands above her waits ! Here comes the twist, she hast to do it while wearing a gas mask with blacked out eyes oh and did I mention a gas mask is connected to a breather ball in order for her to get air she has to continually squeeze the ball. Will she find the key and Escape the handcuffs?

One piece swimsuit shiny pantyhose handcuffs gas mask handcuffed

Featuring: Fayth on Fire

play-button 14:15

296 Fayth nipple predicament

Fayth has just gotten home from tennis class. She is wearing a shiny tights under her tennis skirt and a green sports bra.She is tied with her arms spread eagle to anchors in the floor. Then he Cuts off her sports bra and attaches clamps to her nipples. Next he attaches a string from the nipple clamps up and over a hook in the ceiling back down to her toes. he tells her this is her ab work out. Her legs are bent 90 degrees and as her muscles get tired and her legs start to drop the string pulls on her nipple clamps. If that was not enough hangs weights off her ankles making it even more hard to keep her legs up for long. She protests but the panel ball gag keeps her quiet.

rope bondage ball gag shiny pantyhose nipple clamps spread eagle predicament bondage

Featuring: Fayth on Fire

play-button 13:20

295 Fayth escape challenge

Fayth is wearing a green leotard and is taped to a metal chair and tape gagged she is tasked with trying to escape . Will she escape ? Watch as she struggles !

tape gag taped hands struggling tape bondage

Featuring: Fayth on Fire

play-button 12:12

294 Fayth lifeguard in trouble

Fayth is a lifeguard who is going for spine board training little does she know the company she contracted isn’t interested in teaching her lifeguard skills. She quickly finds her self tape gagged and strapped to a spine board with plenty of medical restraints and wearing a sexy red speedo lifeguard swimsuit. watch as Fayth struggles

One piece swimsuit medical restraints armbinder tape gag lifeguard struggling

Featuring: Fayth on Fire

play-button 10:07

293 Fayth Posey Straitjacket

Fayth is wearing a sexy tight spandex speedo one piece swimsuit and is trussed into a tight Posey straitjacket and ball gagged. Watch as she struggles and squirms to free herself. To make matters worse for her medical ankle cuffs are added and attached to the back of the straitjacket putting her in a straitjacket hogtie.

ball gag medical restraints straitjacket struggling

Featuring: Fayth on Fire

play-button 13:30

292 Fayth Orgasm Bar

Fayth Is wearing a super shiny vinyl swimsuit that is extra tight and form fitting. She is restrained to the wall by her neck with metal pipe, she has no hope of freeing herself. She is also ball gagged but before long she finds her hands restrained as well and a Hitachi vibrator pressed tight against her pussy. once the vibrator is turned on she try's hard to get her sensitive area away from it but it is useless, the is no escaping the vibrations as they bring her to orgasm.

ball gag shiny swimsuit bound orgasm metal bondage

Featuring: Fayth on Fire

play-button 10:32

291_Fayth shiny ziptied

Fayth is wearing a shiny one piece swimsuit and shiny tights. She is ball gagged and ziptied to a stripped mattress. one by one the zipties are applied each one making her more helpless. before long she is completely helpless and left to struggle.

ball gag ziptied shiny pantyhose shiny swimsuit struggling

Featuring: Fayth on Fire

play-button 10:10

290 Rachel Adams crotch rope

Rachel is wearing a sexy REALISE one piece swimsuit and shiny pantyhose. Her hands are taped into useless balls. He ties a crotch rope around her and then secures it to a anchor in the floor. Watch a her struggle and her futile attempts to get free

rope bondage leotard shiny pantyhose taped hands struggling

Featuring: Rachel Adams

play-button 13:51

289 Rachel Adams straitjacket escape challenge

Rachel Is wearing a somewhat sheer white leotard and shiny tights. She is tasked with escaping from a small poesy straitjacket. Watch as sexy Rachel struggles to free herself form a real medical straitjacket. Before long she is ball gagged with a big 2 inch white ball gag and her ankles are bound to the back of the straitjacket in hogstyle fashion

ball gag leotard shiny pantyhose medical restraints Hogtied straitjacket struggling

Featuring: Rachel Adams

play-button 10:32

288 Carmen Valentina hooters girl hogtied

Carmen is trying to make some extra cash as a hooters girl. She is gagged with a panel ball gag and hogtied using leather cuffs and zipties. Watch as this sexy hooters girl struggles to get free. She is wearing the traditional hooters outfit complete with super small shirt too small shiny orange shorts and shiny pantyhose.

ball gag shiny pantyhose Hogtied spandex

Featuring: Carmen Valentina

play-button 11:15

287 Rachel Adams heat shrink mummification

Rachel is wearing a cute purple one piece swimsuit. her mouth is stuffed and then bondage tape seals her mouth shut as it is wrapped around her head. Next a head harness is fastened to her head and to the roof preventing her from falling over or running away ;-). Next her hands are tapped behind her back and the fun really begins. Do you know that film that DVD cases were wrapped in ? Well we found big rolls of it. Rachel is wrapped in this cellophane wrap and mummified, but that's not the fun part. This wrap unlike pallet wrap or shrink wrap is not stretchy at all however it does shrink about 30+40% when heated to form a nice tight seal on whatever is inside of it. Yes you guessed it we now heat shrink her into a nice tight package before letting her roll around on the floor trying to escape. this video includes all onscreen tying and gagging

One piece swimsuit bondage harness tape gag mummification struggling mummified

Featuring: Rachel Adams

play-button 14:54

286 Carmen Valentina tricked into straitjacket

Carmen shows up to a "fetish" photo shoot with a new producer to model straitjackets. She is wearing a super shiny one piece swimsuit and shiny tights. He instructs her to slip her arms into the jacket and before she knows it she is completely snug in this real medical straitjacket. She then poses for some pictures before she is restrained to a table with medical cuffs. She is then gagged with micro foam tape. watch as she struggles

medical restraints tape gag straitjacket struggling

Featuring: Carmen Valentina

play-button 12:42

285 Rachel Adams nipple clamp predicament

Rachel is wearing super sexy and shiny pantyhose and a form fitting leotard. he chest is forced outward by the restrictive armbinder keeping her helpless. Leather straps are applied to her legs, he adds a rope to the armbinder and attaches it to the ceiling. holes are then cut in the shiny spandex leotard exposing her breasts. Just when she thought she was fully restrained he adds nipple clamps and secures the chain of the clamps to the floor. Now she is in a real predicament if she tries to sit up to take the pressure off her now aching shoulders it pulls her sensitive nipples and If she try's to give her nipples a break it puts extra pressure on her shoulders and arms making them hurt worse.

leotard shiny pantyhose armbinder nipple clamps predicament bondage

Featuring: Rachel Adams