play-button 12:52

339 Clair Straitjacketed

Clair is strapped into a tight fitting straitjacket and ball gagged while wearing a super snug fitting black TYR racing onepiece swimsuit. Watch as this powerful woman is rendered helpless by this straitjacket.

One piece swimsuit ball gag medical restraints straitjacket struggling

Featuring: Clair Irons

play-button 08:02

338 Rachel restraint chair

Rachel Adams is back again ! This time she is gagged by Jess Jordan and restrained in the restraint chair. She is slowly and methodically strapped into the chair one strap at a time. after all the straps are secure she is blindfolded and left to struggle. Will our damsel be able to escape ?

ball gag medical restraints struggling blindfold restraint chair

Featuring: Rachel Adams, Jess Jordan

play-button 13:14

337 Clair Cage bound orgasm

Clair finds herself in the clutches of the evil Jess Jordan. Jess stripes Clair of her bikini bottoms and top before putting her into the cold steel cage. Once in the cage Clair is restrained with medical cuffs. then her knees are ziptied the the sides of the cage exposing her most vulnerable areas. Jess then finds a Hitachi wand and attached it to the top of the cage in such a way that it is dangling right against Clair's pussy. there is no escape for her no mater how hard she tries to move her hips she can not get the vibrator away from her clit. the only thing she can do is scream into her gag as she is made to have a orgasm.

medical restraints bound orgasm struggling caged

Featuring: Clair Irons, Jess Jordan

play-button 08:44

336 Rachel caged

Rachel finds her self wearing a red thong one piece swimsuit, gagged with a ball gag trainer head harness and her arms pinned back behind her with a tight leather armbinder. she is caged and the armbinder is secured to the top of the cage giving her no option to kneel in this small cage. Her ankles are spread outward and zip tied to the sides of the cage exposing her and leaving her vulnerable.

ball gag armbinder struggling caged

Featuring: Rachel Adams

play-button 12:10

335 Kimi straitjacketed

Kim Chi is wearing a shiny gold one piece swimsuit. Jess Jordan convinces her to "try on " her straitjacket. Jess straps Kimi in nice and tight into the straitjacket before strapping her down to the bed with the lovely locking medical restraints. soon after Jess gags her with a big red ball gag and lets her struggle to try and escape.

ball gag medical restraints straitjacket struggling

Featuring: Jess Jordan, Kim Chi

play-button 10:23

334 Astrid bondage harness

Astrid is bound and gagged with a full body bondage harness and ball gag head harness. She struggles to free herself.

ball gag harness gag bondage harness blindfold

Featuring: Astrid Brandt

play-button 12:10

333 Clair restraint chair

We welcome Clair Irons to Swimsuit Bondage. her first shoot is a escape challenge with the infamous restraint chair. Clair is strapped down nice and tight and given 5 min to escape, of course she fails and is treated to multiple bondage orgasms in the chair

medical restraints bound orgasm struggling restraint chair

Featuring: Jess Jordan, Clair Irons

play-button 06:31

332 Kimi tickled

Kim Chi is wearing a shiny green one piece swimsuit and is strapped down to the bed by Jess Jordan using 4 point medical restraints and tickled. Jess Jordan finds out she is very ticklish and takes full advantage.

medical restraints shiny swimsuit tickling struggling

Featuring: Kim Chi, Jess Jordan

play-button 11:41

331 Kimi Escape challenge

Kim Chi is wearing a black one piece strapless swimsuit and is challenged with escaping our metal fiddle. she is locked into the metal bondage contraption then her ankles are bound and finally a chain connecting a spreader bar to her neck is attached. Oh lets not forget that Jess gagges her with a big red ball gag. watch her struggle to free her self

ball gag spreader bar struggling metal bondage

Featuring: Kim Chi

play-button 10:48

328 Tilly Bikini bondage

Tilly is in trouble now, she is ball gagged and silenced with a nice big head harness trainer gag. She is then strapped to the bed with real medical restraints starting with the wrists uper arms and ankles. Then here head harness is chained to the bed frame ensuring she is compleatly helpless and immobile. Watch this wonderful damsel DID scene while Tilly struggles with all her might in bikini bondage

ball gag medical restraints bondage harness predicament bondage struggling

Featuring: Tilly McReese

play-button 11:02

327 Tilly Restraint chair

We give Tilly a Escape challenge and she is introduced for the first time ever to a real restraint chair. She is gagged with a panel ball gag and then methodically strapped into the chair first her wrists then forearms and then her ankles. A lap belt goes across her hips and it’s tightened very snuggly and lastly the shoulder straps placed over her shoulders in behind her head as the shoulder straps are tightened her shoulder and head or pinned back against the back rest. Watch her squirm and struggle her hardest trying to escape this real prison/medical restraint chair.

One piece swimsuit ball gag medical restraints predicament bondage struggling restraint chair

Featuring: Tilly McReese

play-button 13:39

326 Tilly caged

She’s walked into the dungeon wearing a black and white striped one piece swimsuit and sporting a big white ball gag. She is placed in the cage and the door is secured. As she acclimates to her new living quarters she explores the cage and realizes how unyielding and inescapable this heavy duty metal cage is. She is told to remove her swimsuit which she does while trying to cover her most sensitive areas. He then secures her neck through the bars in the cage then proceeds to secure her ankles to either side of the cage keeping her legs spread and her in a vulnerable doggy style position.

One piece swimsuit ball gag predicament bondage struggling metal bondage caged DID

Featuring: Tilly McReese

play-button 23:36

325 Constance catburglar foiled plan

Constance plays the sexy cat burglar that has found her next home to Rob. As she snoops through the house in her ultra glittery pantyhose and shiny thong leotard she comes upon the master bedroom closet and discovers the occupants of this house are into some. very kinky stuff. She discovers a roll of micros home tape in a straight jacket. It’s not long before the homeowners come home and catch her. She then finds herself bound and gagged in the basement of their home strapped to a bed with medical restraints in a regulation medical straight jacket

shiny pantyhose medical restraints tape gag straitjacket struggling tape bondage

Featuring: Constance, Jess Jordan

play-button 16:38

324 Constance Gymnast Committed

Constance had a long day of gymnastics and comes home to what she thinks is an empty quiet House. She walks up to her bedroom takes off her sheer white skirt and her sneakers she then lays on the bed caressing her legs and feet that are encased with shiny tights and a thong leotard. She then removes her thong leotard leaving just her shiny tights. After dozing off in bed she is awoken to a sound. She finds her self in quite the predicament secured in a medical straight jacket she struggles to remove it without any success. Constance continues to struggle in the small Posey straight jacket and shiny tights while she’s gagged with microphone tape.

shiny pantyhose medical restraints tape gag straitjacket struggling tape bondage

Featuring: Constance, Jess Jordan

play-button 18:09

323 Astrid bikini bound orgasm

Jess Jordan finds that Astrid is indulging in a little self bondage and needs to teach her a lesson about playing without her. Jess moves her handcuffs to the head of the bed where it is impossible to escape Jess's intentions. Jess wastes no time with a long tease and denial session with the bikini clad bound beauty that is spread eagle on the bed.

ball gag bound orgasm spread eagle handcuffed

Featuring: Astrid Brandt, Jess Jordan

play-button 22:10

322 Astrid restraint chair challenge

322 Astrid restraint chair challenge Jess Jordan challenges Astrid to a escape challenge, she gives her 5 minuets to escape from the restraint chair and she will get $50 cold hard cash. Seams pretty easy on the surface but this is a REAL restraint chair used in jails and hospitals. Despite all her struggling she fails the challenge and Jess gives Astrid a bout orgasm that she is unable to prevent. Watch as jess plays some tease and denial games with Astrid.

One piece swimsuit ball gag medical restraints bound orgasm restraint chair

Featuring: Jess Jordan, Astrid Brandt

play-button 14:02

321 Astrid hogtied

321 Astrid hogtied Astrid finds herself made to lay on the floor and gets helplessly hogtied with a big foam ball in her mouth and microfilm tape wrapped around her head keeping her quiet. She is wearing a purple one piece speedo swimsuit and struggles in her swimsuit bondage as she tries to free herself.

One piece swimsuit rope bondage Hogtied tape gag struggling

Featuring: Astrid Brandt

play-button 14:29

320 Astrid rigid fiddle swimsuit bondage

Jess Jordan gets Astrid in a rigid fiddle that keeps her hands well out of use and out of the way, it is made of chrome plated solid steel and weighs quite a bit. Jess walks her to the bed, lays her down and shackles her ankles to the foot of the bed with police ankle cuffs . Astrid struggles in her black onepiece swimsuit but the metal around her neck is too heavy to lift her head for long and do anything but look around. Astrid is also gagged but the strap that is holding the gag in place deep in her mouth is not leather but a metal band that is locked in the back preventing it from being removed without lots of help

One piece swimsuit ball gag handcuffs struggling metal bondage

Featuring: Jess Jordan, Astrid Brandt

play-button 15:51

319 Astrid Straitjacketed

Jess Jordan bets Astrid that she cannot escape her small Posey straitjacket and Astrid accepts the challenge. Jess takes her time putting her into the straitjacket ensuring that every strap is nice and tight. After she is in Jess produces a large white ballgag again taking her time to make it goon and tight. Now that Astrid is completely bound and gagged Jess sits back and watches her struggle in her straitjacket and swimsuit booty shorts. Astrid tries unsuccessfully to use the bed posts and even the rough wall to somehow undue the straps in the back of the jacket Before long Jess decides to add some locking medical restraint cuffs to her ankles and then secure them to the back of the straitjacket with a short leather strap putting her into a hogtie position making it impossible to stand. Now all Astrid can do is roll around and moan through her ball gag

ball gag medical restraints Hogtied straitjacket struggling

Featuring: Astrid Brandt, Jess Jordan

play-button 14:54

318 Macy Nikole and Jess Jordan tickling orgasm

Macy Nicole is wearing a purple one piece of sporty swimsuit. Just Jordan takes a magic wand vibrator pressing it firmly against Mrs. sensitive areas she then secures it to Macy’s leg with layers of shrink wrap. She then begins and wraps Macy in very wide black shrink wrap making her into a mummy her and rendering her helpless. Jess then turns on the vibrator using some tees in denial techniques to ensure that means he does not cum. In between using the vibrator she tickles Macy to distract her. Will she ever let her Cum or just continue to tease and deny her any chance of a orgasm ?

One piece swimsuit bound orgasm tickling mummification mummified

Featuring: Jess Jordan, Macy Nicole

play-button 10:07

317 Macy Nikole & Jess Jordan Swimsuit Bondage Orgasm

Macy Nicole's head is encased in a leather hood making her vision black as night, she tries to talk but the big sponge filling her mouth muffles her sounds. Macys's hands are and arms are pined behind her encased in a tight leather armbinder. Jess approaches her with a Hitachi wand and slowly brings her to the edge of orgasm. will she let Macy cum ?......

One piece swimsuit armbinder bound orgasm hooded

Featuring: Macy Nicole, Jess Jordan

play-button 07:19

316 Macy Nikole handcuffed

Macy Nicole's head is encased in a leather hood making her vision black as night, she tries to talk but the big sponge filling her mouth muffles her sounds. Macys's hands are handcuffed above her head to the metal bed frame. He comes into the basement room and grabs her ankles pulling her down to the bottom of the bed, this stretches her arms to the extent giving her no wiggle room. He then attaches ankle cuffs to her ankles locking her in this vulnerable and uncomfortable position.

handcuffs spread eagle hooded handcuffed struggling

Featuring: Macy Nicole

play-button 11:56

315 Macy Nicole and Jess Jordan rope hogtie

Jess Jordan Returns and ties Macy Nicole up with some nice silky rope. She starts with her wrists then ankles, She then puts her in a hogtie position and attaches her to the ceiling ensuring she wont go anywhere. Finally she attaches rope to Macy's hair as well leaving her to struggle

One piece swimsuit rope bondage Hogtied

Featuring: Macy Nicole, Jess Jordan

play-button 09:37

314 Kim Chi restraint chair challenge

Kim Chi finds out that we have a Real medical/prison restraint chair and she takes us up on our challenge of $50 to see if she can get out of it in five minutes, includes on screen gagging as Kim really tried hard to win our challenge and get out of this chair.

ball gag predicament bondage struggling bondage chair restraint chair

Featuring: Kim Chi

play-button 08:36

313 Constance armbinder ordeal

Constance is wearing a very colorful one piece racing swimsuit over this is a full body leather harness which is keeping her arms pinned behind her back nice and tight along with the leather arm binder. She’s lead down to the secret room in the basement, this is his playroom. Before long she is thrown on the bed and her ankles attached to the footboard with leg irons, he then gags her with a panel ball gag and leaves her to struggle

ball gag medical restraints armbinder bondage harness handcuffs

Featuring: Constance

play-button 13:47

312 Macy Straitjacket escape challenge

Macy Nicole gets challenged to get out of a small Posey straight jacket, Of course she could never turn down Excape challenge so before long she is strapped in good and tight. He puts on leather ankle cuffs and attaches them to the front loop of the straight jacket making it impossible for her to use her feet or runoff. He underestimated the dexterity of her toes however and she manages to undo the leather straps going around her ankles with only her toes. However no matter how much she struggles she seems to not be able to get out of this official medical straight jacket

One piece swimsuit medical restraints straitjacket struggling

Featuring: Macy Nicole

play-button 09:42

311 Rachel Adams pipe chair bikini bondage

Rachel Adams is wearing a blue pink and yellow plaid bikini, leather straps keep her in a frog tie position while she is sitting on the bondage chair. Her moans are muffled by a ball panel gag as she struggles heun ties her legs and straps them spread wide. Next he removes her bikini top and watches her breasts sway as she struggles

ball gag bikini spread eagle bondage chair

Featuring: Rachel Adams

play-button 09:28

310 Constance screwed metal bondage

Constance is wearing some shiny Dance tights and a shiny black thong One piece swimsuit. She is laying down on a piece of plywood. He uses metal straps and wood screws to keep her in place. Starting with her wrists then quickly moving to her ankles, before long she is gagged with microphone tape as he applies more and more straps this time around her waist then her neck and forehead making her completely immobile. Constance is barely able to move even an inch

shiny pantyhose shiny swimsuit struggling

Featuring: Constance

play-button 12:55

309 Macy shiny rope hogtie

Macy Nicole is wearing a super shiny gold one piece swimsuit with a red high heels. He makes quick work of tying her wrists and elbows together with rope, he then moves on to her knees. He then uses a horse metal bit gag to keep her silent before lifting her and putting her on his workbench. He then puts her in a strict hogtie and she’s left to struggle meanwhile the gag reaching deep into her throat pushing her Tongue down is making her drool uncontrollably.

rope bondage shiny swimsuit Hogtied bit gag struggling

Featuring: Macy Nicole

play-button 08:10

308 Rachel Adams tape bondage latex hood

Rachel Adams find herself naked with her hands taped above her head to the basement pole. He then wraps white electrical tape around her torso and ankles keeping her in place. He then places is a latex hood over her head and leaves her to struggle

hooded struggling tape bondage latex hood

Featuring: Rachel Adams