251 Rachel Adams mummified

she is being wrapped up with shrink wrap nice and tight. apparently two layers of shrink wrap weren't enough soon he puts a tight layer of black electrical tape. Now that he has her arms wrapped nice and tight behind her back and her whole torso warped he shoves a pair of white panties in her mouth. Then he covers her head with pantyhose before wrapping it with electrical tape. Once he has his package wrapped head to toe he leaves her there to struggle helplessly in her new mummification bondage

Number of pictures: 40

250 Rachel Adams jogger

Rachel Is restrained down to a massage table with inescapable medical restraints after a long jog. She is wearing tight spandex shorts and a white sports bra. She is eventually stripped naked and left to struggle.

Number of pictures: 42

249 Spreader Bar Stocks

Rachel is wearing a super shiny one piece blue leotard. she is tasked with escaping her restraints, first sh is put in a steel spreader bar with locking medical restraints cuffs. Then she is put in a steel spreader bar yoke device that goes around her neck and secures her hands out to the side of her head. We see in short time just how effective this device is at keeping Rachel restrained even when she is given the keys. Will she escape ?

Number of pictures: 59

248 nipple clamp predicament

She is tied with her arms spread eagle to anchors in the floor. Then he removes her top and attaches clamps to her nipples. Next she attached a string from the nipple clamps up and over a hook in the ceiling back down to her toes. he tells her this is her ab work out. Her legs ar bent 90 degrees and as her muscles get tired and her legs start to drop the string pulls on her nipple clamps. If that was not enough hangs weights off her ankles making it even more hard to keep her legs up for long.

Number of pictures: 49

Rachel Adams escape challenge

Rachel is wearing shiny tights and a silky smooth Lycra gymnastics leotard. Her challenge is to escape from her electrical tape bondage before the timer runs out. She thinks this will be a easy task , how hard can it be to break free from some flimsy tape she thought. Watch as Rachel struggles to free herself.

Number of pictures: 19

246 Rachel Adams hogtied and h

Rachel finder herself wearing a shiny soft leotard with sheer long sleve arms and a zippered front and shiny tights. She is hogtied on the floor struggling and eventualy tapegagged to silence her moans.A leather hood is placed over her head and laced up good and tight keeping her quiet and blind struggling to escape her hangcuff hogtie.

Number of pictures: 111

245 Rachel Adams Halloween

Rachel went to a Halloween party dressed in a sexy skintight green lantern outfit and somehow finds herself bound and gagged to the remains of a old mattress. her arms and legs are immobilized with zipties as she struggles.

Number of pictures: 20


233 Carmen_iceskater_bound_orgasm

Number of pictures: 63

234 Carmen dildo pole bondage

234 Carmen dildo pole bondage Carmen tells her boyfriend she can escape from any bondage restraints he has. Well challenge accepted he builds a devious device a Dildo pole. it is very simple it is a all metal dildo on a adjustable pole bolted to the floor. He gags her and handcuffs her so she cant change her mind. She is wearing a very short tennis skirt with no panties. He walks her in to the garage and inserts the dildo deep inside her before tightening the bolt that keeps it in place.

Number of pictures: 33

237 Carmen_triathlete_bound


Number of pictures: 52

236 Carmen tickled

Carmen tickled

Number of pictures: 73

235 Carmen lifeguard bondage

Carmen lifeguard bondage

Number of pictures: 42

244 Whitney yoga ball bondage

Whitney yoga ball bondage

Number of pictures: 46

242 Whitney ziptied leotard bo

Whitney ziptied leotard bondage

Number of pictures: 83

241 Whitney medical restraint

Whitney medical restraint bondage

Number of pictures: 49

Whitney nipple clamp prison

Whitney nipple clamp prison

Number of pictures: 55

Whitney Armbinder bondage

Whitney Morgan is her Shiny purple one piece Dolphin swimsuit and shiny tights is already for a fun filled night. She is grabbed on her way out and pushed back into her home. He controls her by making her wear the black leather arm binder. He attaches a black leather body harness. He also wants to make sure no one can hear her so he gags her with a black leather head harness. She struggles her way to the floor in a attempt to wiggle her way out. But he just continues to add more straps

Number of pictures: 52

238 Carmen Bondage dream

Carmen was laying on her bed with fresh white sheets and she is wearing a pair of ultra shiny pantyhose and a thong one piece speedo swimsuit. Carmen is extremely horny and loves the feel of the tight spandex and Lycra hugging her every inch. She caresses her body up and down making her self very wet. She dreams of being in bondage tied up nice and tight in leather straps struggling all over the bed in her tight spandex outfit. When she wakes up she realizes there are leather straps on the bea

Number of pictures: 61